[rrd-developers] question about creating multiple dbs in single rrd file..

Steve Shipway s.shipway at auckland.ac.nz
Sat Nov 27 20:18:02 CET 2010

It is possible, but it's awkward, and I'd question if you really need to do it anyway.

If ALL RRD files have the same step, and same RRAs defined, then you could use rrdtool export to export them to XML, then merge the XML files using a script you wrote yourself, then finally use rrdtool to import the new XML file back and create a merged RRD file.  This would join them all together, preserving data.

Why would you need to do this, though?  If you need to make a graph over the various DSs in the five RRD files, then rrdtool already allows you to make one graph with data pulled from multiple RRD files.  This will work whether or not the RRD files have identical steps and RRAs defined.  It is also programmatically trivial to use fetch to pull data from more than one location or do the similar for the other RRDTool functions.

Finally, is this really the right group for this question?  There is an rrdtool support group available, but this is the developer group.


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I am comparitively new to this rrd world. I have one question. I have five rrd files from different servers. So my question is can I create single rrd file from these five rrd files..If yes how to do it?


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