[rrd-developers] Demo: RRD - Web 2.0 style

Tobias Oetiker tobi at oetiker.ch
Wed Oct 13 23:09:45 CEST 2010

Today Peter Stamfest wrote:

> Hi everybody!
> I have set up a little demo for something I have hacked together since
> yesterday: RRD - Web 2.0 style. I can only show you a flash video I
> produced. Its quality is questionable, as the RRD graph output is a little
> blurry (because the recording software used vnc to access the screen +
> video compression), but you'll get the idea.
> What's it doing, you ask. Well: It allows to zoom in and out of any rrd
> graph using the mouse wheel and it allows google-maps style panning of the
> graph using the mouse. See for yourself:
>         http://oss.stamfest.net/java-rrd/rrd-web20.flv
> The link uses the wrong mime-type for the file, but I'm too lazy to fix
> this, so you might have to d/l the file and view it locally.
> It is implemented using my java-rrd implementation for the server side
> (used via a java servlet) and about 200 lines of java script using jQuery
> and some services exposed using DWR for AJAX between java script and the
> java server side.
> Tobi: What I was missing most when implementing this was some indication
> of the absolute date/time a graph refers to. Note the use of the right
> axis label for this.
> In theory, I could provide a standalone servlet (+add'l stuff for DWR) for
> this, but it would require some rewrite of the machinery to make it more
> self contained and I wonder if there is a "market" for this.
> The movie shows the interaction between my laptop as the server and an
> Atom-based desktop machine on a LAN. Its responsiveness is not perfect
> (mostly depending on the server side CPU performance), but it was never
> easier to view RRD data for me.
> Has this been done before?

yep ... that was about the state I was at as well when I was
hacking this last time ... got side tracked though ... :-(

in any event, things should be simpler now since the graphv
interface gives lots of 'sensible' information and could also be
easily enhanced to give more info if required.


> peter

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