[rrd-developers] Ubuntu Lenny: rrd does not update the ctime and mtime of rrd-files

Kristoff Bonne kristoff.bonne at skypro.be
Mon Sep 27 17:02:47 CEST 2010


Op 27-09-10 16:55, Tobias Oetiker schreef:
>> Is there then still a reason to use the rrdtool 1.4.3-1.bpo50+1 (from
>> the debian backports repository) or is the default packages for Lenny
>> (1.3.1-4) good enough?

> guess I am the wrong person to as such thing ... I would always
> suggest to compile the latest stable version yourself :-)

OK, that was a stupid question, wasn't it!



Kr. Bonne.

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