[rrd-developers] Compile failure due to libwrap on Ubuntu 11.10

Alex Bennee kernel-hacker at bennee.com
Mon Dec 19 18:13:53 CET 2011

On 19 December 2011 17:00, Tobias Oetiker <tobi at oetiker.ch> wrote:
> Alex,
> your system seems to be using a different version of  libtool ...
> so did you run MakeMakefile ?

No, isn't that part of the configure/autogen stuff?

Regardless running it now makes no difference.

The libtool on this system is:

17:09 ajb at sloy/x86_64 [rrdtool.git-svn] >dpkg --status libtool
Package: libtool
Version: 2.4-2ubuntu1

Although obviously the 1.4.3 package  (pre-libwrap) stuff builds fine
under this setup.

I'm a little unclear as to where the libtool script comes from. Is it
all driven from autoconf
magic in the rrd distribution or also influenced by the system
software installed? The resulting
libtool script between 1.4.3 and trunk seem quite big despite the
relatively few tweaks to
configure.ac. Is there anything else that influences how libtool gets built?

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