[rrd-developers] PATCH: Fix strange sql// filename handling

Peter Stamfest peter at stamfest.at
Wed Mar 2 21:07:16 CET 2011


This fixes some strange file name handling wrt libdbi.

The original code would identify a file named "sqlxxabc.rrd" as a libdbi 
specification, if I read the code right.

I found this when browsing the source code, so both the bug and the fix 
are untested.

Patch is both inlined and attached:

Index: src/rrd_fetch.c
--- src/rrd_fetch.c    (revision 2175)
+++ src/rrd_fetch.c    (working copy)
@@ -240,10 +240,8 @@

  #ifdef HAVE_LIBDBI
      /* handle libdbi datasources */
-    if (strncmp("sql",filename,3)==0) {
-      if (filename[3]==filename[4]) {
+    if (strncmp("sql//",filename,5)==0) {
-      }

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