[rrd-developers] [PATCH 0 of 7] Refactor rrdcached connection handling and introduce URL syntax for rrd sources

Peter Stamfest peter at stamfest.at
Tue Mar 8 08:53:59 CET 2011

Am 07.03.2011 20:28, schrieb Peter Stamfest:
> This patch set refactors rrdcached connection handling. It does away
> with a bunch of global variables and encapsulates all required data within
> a struct. All rrdcached aware code gets changed to use the new interface.
> Currently, there are some sematic changes to the current behaviour - the
> last rrdcached connection does not get cached for subsequent operations -
> a new connection is used for every operation.
> The second big change coming with this patch set is the introduction of
> URL style RRD source specifications with support for rrdcached connections.
> This is done to "unclutter" the current "DEF" syntax and to provide for
> better extension of the rrd source specification mechanism.
> Currently missing from this patchset is the support for sql:// URLs - this is
> planned for patches to come in the future.
BTW, this patchset is not yet complete, and should not be applied to SVN 
right away. It is given more as a preview of what I'm currently working 
on. I actually found one bug after I submitted it...

Using a distributed SCM system would be great for this kind of work :-)

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