[rrd-developers] rrdtool fetch / JSON-Output

Michael Markstaller mm at elabnet.de
Sat Jan 14 00:47:42 CET 2012

Am 13.01.2012 14:28, schrieb Tobias Oetiker:
> Hi Michael,
> Today Michael Markstaller wrote:
>> Hi,
>> thanks for looking at it, maybe I was too nervous on my first post ;)
>> Now its attached.. (I use this with quilt in the debian-lenny package)
>> Simply copied the fetch-function with some brackets..
> the idea for implementing this, is to make rrdtool xport produce
> json instead of xml ...

The format wasn't the issue alone, there was another reason copying 
fetch instead of xport (which I don't clearly remember) for this.

Anyway, if it provides the same convinience as fetch using rrdtools' 
buit-in intelligence on timeframes, resolution, etc... delivering only 
the data needed for *this* graph -> it sounds good ;)

best regards


BTW: to see this "live" and maybe understand why I care about 50ms (*20 
graphs: its a clearly visbible delay of 1 second): 

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