[rrd-developers] moving rrdtool source to github

Tobias Oetiker tobi at oetiker.ch
Wed Sep 5 14:22:53 CEST 2012

Hi Sebastian,

Today Sebastian Harl wrote:

> > /tags/1.4.7 matches /branches/1.4/program
> Hrm, importing tags is a bit more complicated and I haven't seen any
> tools so far that did it right. You'll probably have to come up with
> some script to clean up that mess :-/
> The problem is that SVN's concept of tags is a bit ? strange ;-) From a
> technical perspective it's not different from a branch nor from creating
> a sub directory inside your project. When importing that into Git, for
> each tag, we'd have to ?
>  a) find the source commit rXYZ in SVN,
>  b) verify that nothing inside the tag has changed compared to that
>     commit, and
>  c) (only then) create a Git tag pointing to the appropriate Git commit
>     representing the SVN commit rXYZ
> However, when looking at the 1.4.7 tag at Github, that looks fairly good
> to me.

I think that the problem is that the tag is pointing to a state of
the repo where the content of the program directory is sitting at
the root level of the repo where as normally it is burried deeper
down the tree

> > also, over the course of the project I have moved directories
> > around on occasion ...
> Does that include directories "outside" of the "program" tree? In that
> case, it's probably going to be a bit messy to convert it and some
> custom import script might be the only feasibly solution. However, you
> might wanna check if svn2git could be hacked a bit.

guess I'll have todo that :-)


> HTH,
> Sebastian

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