[rrd-developers] RRD PostgreSQL extension

Dustin Fisch fooker at lab.sh
Sat Sep 8 22:44:49 CEST 2012


I am currently thinking about building an RRD extension for PostgreSQL.

The extension will provide a RRD data type which represents a
complete database and functions for all the existing functions of the
RRD tool, like create, update, first and graph...

PostgreSQL has a nice API for LOB, which allows to store the whole RRD
database using the PostgreSQL file management.

I already have taken a look to the RRD code. As far as I can see, there
are functions like rrd_create_r(...) which provides the functionality I
need for such an extension.

The PostgreSQL LOB API currently provides a file descriptor for the
access to the data stored in the LOB.

Unfortunately, it looks like the RRD API only allows the usage of a

Is there any way to use a file descriptor instead of the filename? Or
is there any chance such a patch would be accepted?

Dustin Frisch

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