[rrd-developers] total consolidation function?

Peter Stamfest peter at stamfest.at
Sun Mar 2 09:57:50 CET 2014


The rrdtool(1) manpage has the following to say about consolidation

    When setting up an Round Robin Database (RRD), you can define at
    which interval this consolidation should occur, and what
    consolidation function (CF) (average, minimum, maximum, total, last)
    should be used to build the consolidated values (see rrdcreate).

Especially note the "total" CF.

However, rrdcreate(1) only ever mentions AVERAGE, MIN, MAX, LAST and has
nothing to say about a "total" CF.

I also can't find any trace of a total CF when looking at the source
(although I did not look very hard).



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