[rrd-developers] Rrdtool fetch performance difference between Linux and Freebsd

Tugrul Erdogan h.tugrul.erdogan at gmail.com
Fri Sep 12 08:28:03 CEST 2014


I am porting a project which is developed and used on FreeBSD 10 to Linux.
After porting rrdtool funuctionalities, I realized that periodic "rrdtool
fetch" calls on CentOS 7 spends two times more time than on FreeBSD. The
rrdtool version on FreeBSD is 1.4.7 and on Linux 1.4.8 .

To examine the situation more deeply, I have transfer same rrd file to
FreeBSD and I have write a bash script which reports start and end times of
500 "rrdtool fetch" call with same parameters on same rrd file. The results
show that "rrdtool fetch" call on Linux is two times slower than "rrdtool
fetch" call on Linux.

What can be the cause of this performance decreasing? How can I improve the
perfomance of "rrdtool fetch" call on Linux to make it as fast as FreeBSD
"rrdtool fetch" call performance?
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