[rrd-developers] unit test failures on some arch: rpn2 and xport1

Jean-Michel Vourgère nirgal at debian.org
Sun Aug 9 22:30:05 CEST 2015

Jean-Michel Vourgère wrote:
> Should we go DIFF8 instead of DIFF9 ? :/

Actually, 8 still is too much.
On hurd-i386 and armel, in xport1.json, we have a raw output of

On hurd-i386:
> (sid_hurd-i386-dchroot)nirgal at exodar:$ echo "3.417131125e-02" | perl -p -e 's/([-+]?\d\.\d+e[-+]\d+)/sprintf("%0.8e",$1)/ge'

On armel:
> (sid_armel-dchroot)nirgal at abel:$ echo "3.417131125e-02" | perl -p -e 's/([-+]?\d\.\d+e[-+]\d+)/sprintf("%0.8e",$1)/ge'

*sigh* :)


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