[rrd-users] Next question: x,UN,0,IF funky output

dave-mlist at bfnet.com dave-mlist at bfnet.com
Wed Aug 4 01:41:38 MEST 1999

Since I stack lots of data on top of each other, I use the following
CDEF to ensure that my data is either defined or zero:


The problem with this is that my graphs turn out with the last point
always at zero.  This makes it look like my traffic is always diving
towards zero!

My hypothesis is that the .rrd archive returns an undefined value for
any time since the last update.  This makes sense in a pedantic sort
of way, but when I draw the graph and see the lines diving toward zero
at the far right, it doesn't make sense at all.

Is there a way to have it both ways?  I mean, have my graphs *not*
dive toward zero, but have undefined data interpreted as zero for
stacking purposes?


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