[rrd-users] Re: [cricket-users] can't update 'dummy'? - part 2

Jeff Allen jra at corp.webtv.net
Thu Aug 19 05:13:36 MEST 1999

Greg Redder wrote:
> Cannot update
> /home/cricket/cricket-config/../cricket-data//routers/router-name.rrd:
> rrdopen can't open 'dummy'

I really get the feeling that this is a bug that only shows up in RRD
Tool on AIX. As far as I can tell, Cricket is issuing the exact same
kinds of updates in my environment, but it's not having the problem.

My completely uninformed guess is that something about Perl on AIX is
tickling a bug in the XS stuff, either in the Perl side, or in
RRD.xs. I'd like to be able to help more, but I don't have an AIX
machine to try it on.

Jeff R. Allen              |  jra at corp.webtv.net
WebTV Service Engineering  |  http://www.munitions.com/~jra

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