[rrd-users] problem with rrd upadte and graph

Patrick Ammann mail at paeddy.ch
Wed Aug 25 12:44:02 MEST 1999


After I spend a lot of time reading the tutorial I still have a problem. I
wrote the following script in perl which should fill the rrd Database with
some random values which should be graphed. The problem is that I can see
that the rrd database is modified but the grapher won't show me anything.
Perhaps I made only a little fault and someone could help me.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Here is the script:
#!/usr/bin/perl -w

use lib qw(/opt/apache/nextview/lib/);

use DBF;
use CFG;
use RRDs;

my ($si, $sTime, $sData);
$Step = 300;
$sPeriod = 5*24*60*60;
$sTime = time()-$Step*$sPeriod;

RRDs::create '/opt/apache/htdocs/test3.rrd', '-b', $sTime, '-s', $Step,
die if(RRDs::error);

my $sRRDfile = '/opt/apache/htdocs/test3.rrd';
for ($si=0;$si<1000;$si++) {
   $sTime = $sTime+300;
   $sData = int(rand(100000));
   print "$sTime:$sData\n";
   RRDs::update $sRRDfile, "$sTime:$sData";

die if(RRDs::error);

my $sTitel = 'Test';
my $sType = 'cpu';
my $sPeriod = 24*60*60;
my $sPNGfile = '/opt/apache/htdocs/test3.png';
my $sFeedback = DBF::colGraphRRD($sRRDfile, $sPNGfile,
                                 $sPeriod, $sTitel, $sType);
print "The feedback was $sFeedback\n";

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