[rrd-users] Are overflows assumed to happen only at 2^32?

Duane Wessels wessels at ircache.net
Thu Aug 26 06:22:16 MEST 1999

Newbie alert.

I'm trying to rrd-ify the number of times a string occurs in an apache
access.log file.  I thought COUNTER would be good.  The logfile is
rotated nightly, so counts go to zero, but not really because the
"counter" overflowed.  For example:

rrdtool update foo.rrd --template A:B:C:D 935477400:7006:1:1015:4
rrdtool update foo.rrd --template A:B:C:D 935477700:7056:1:1017:6
rrdtool update foo.rrd --template A:B:C:D 935478000:66:0:0:0
rrdtool update foo.rrd --template A:B:C:D 935478300:172:0:1:0

The graph shows a HUGE spike at the time when the counter goes to
zero.  It very much looks like the delta is 2^32.

Maybe I should use GUAGE instead (and do my own subtraction)?

Duane W.

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