[rrd-users] Re: Spikes (1.0.8)

Jeff Younker Jeff at mdli.com
Fri Dec 3 19:33:16 MET 1999

I am seeing the same sort of thing.  It's not just limited to 1.0.8;  I've
seen it in 1.0.7 also.  Here's a more complete description:

It's a 4 timescale graph.  1 pdp/row, 6 pdp/row, 24 pdp/row,  288 pdp/row.

Data starts accumulating.   The spike appears in the second time scale.  It
appears at a point *for which no data has been recorded yet*.  (As in, the
set has collected 150 samples, and the spike appears at scale 2 about 1000
samples out.)  It is also far larger or far smaller than any of the samples
which have been recorded at the previous time scale.  In some data sets the
spike is negative when all the data recorded in the first time scale is
positive, and it's usually several magnitudes larger/smaller than any of the
data points in the first scale.

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