[rrd-users] Re: Spikes

Daniel Rinehart danielr at ccs.neu.edu
Mon Dec 6 06:07:05 MET 1999

> Your interface showes a really low value for bytes received 
> At 100bps this would be about 30 periods of five minutes or 2.5 hours
> uptime.

	That interface is connected to a secondary NIC in the machine
(primary NIC for the machine being 100TX), so the majority of the time it
sits very idle and only send/receives ATM control information.

> This is true but IMHO only as a workaround.  Somewhere, somehow, a reset
> is happening.  The normal values are in the 100bps range so a range check

	Very true. I'm all but convinced that the problem is with
the Cisco equipment.

> If the timestamps would be present we would probably see that the low

	Sorry, I didn't tack time stamps on the raw data dump output.

- Daniel R. <danielr at ccs.neu.edu> [http://www.ccs.neu.edu/home/danielr/]

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