[rrd-users] rrdcgi returns Command line error. Expected Input file name! 3

Nico De Ranter nico at sonycom.com
Tue Dec 7 16:47:09 MET 1999


I'm trying to get NRG running and for that I need rrdcgi.
I but the script + rrdcgi in the cgi-bin tree but I only get

Command line error. Expected Input file name! 3
[Tue Dec  7 16:43:52 1999] [error] [client xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx] Premature end of script headers: /wwwi/cgi-bin/rrdtool/Network/eos.cgi

Any idea what might be wrong?

The nrg script looks like:

#!./rrdcgi -g 60 -r

<HEAD><TITLE>MadisonSD Ethernet</TITLE></HEAD>
<BODY BGCOLOR="#C7C3C7" FGCOLOR="#000000">
<H1>Traffic Analysis for MadisonSD's Ethernet</H1>
    <TR><TD>System:</TD><TD>eos.sonytel.be (Cisco 2509)</TD></TR>
    <TR><TD>Interface:</TD><TD>Ethernet1 (SNMP instance 1)</TD></TR>
    <TR><TD>IP:</TD><TD>My machine</TD></TR>
    <TR><TD>Network:</TD> <TD>Ethernet (10 mbits/sec)</TD></TR>
   last four hours
   <RRD::GRAPH eos.4hr.gif 
     --imginfo "<IMG SRC="/nrg-rrd/%s" WIDTH="%lu" HEIGHT="%lu">"
     --start -14400

Any idea what might be wrong?


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