[rrd-users] Re: Performance problem in RRDp.pm

Bjorn Nordbo bn at nextel.no
Wed Dec 15 12:01:25 MET 1999

Tobias Oetiker wrote:
> *> I hope this is the right place to ask.
> *> 
> *> I have hacked rrdtool into MRTG for normal operation (ie. for batch
> *> generation of graphs). This seems to work relatively ok now, but it
> *> is not by far as fast as I had hoped.
> I would not use RRDp but RRDs ...

So would I. :) Problem is that it does not work for me:

ld.so.1: /local/bin/perl5.004: fatal: relocation error: file \
/lib/auto/RRDs/RRDs.so: symbol newRV_noinc: referenced symbol not found

Long lines split. I have tried to find a way around this error, but no
luck. It does not seem to be dependant on the Perl version. The box is
a Solaris 5.6/Ultra2 with gcc

> what happens when you run the performance test
> in the example directory, howmany updates do you see?

Updates? The example config file has 86 targets. That should be 344

> another point is that two things are mortal for the performance of rrdtool
> b) not enough memmory on the server ... you will observe that once you
>    increasse the number of rrd files performance will drop by one order of
>    magnitude at a certain number of rrd files ... this is a function of
>    the number of rrd files

I think this might be a problem. The box only has 384MB memory, and it
currently uses 283MB swap space. Maybe I should just get a bigger iron
for this job.

Thank you for your help! I will see to it that we add a post for CD's
in the 2000 budget. :)

Cheers, Bjørn

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