[rrd-users] Spikes and invalid data

Stephen L Johnson sjohnson at monsters.org
Tue Dec 28 08:29:55 MET 1999

I've been using RRD for serveral months. And first it was in conjuction with 
Cricket and lately I've been using RRD on it's own. Now that RRD TOOL compiles 
under TrueUnix I've been, I been experimenting with with RRD TOOL and Cricket.

I have been tracking my systems's file system usages and some CPU stats. But 
I've have noticed a serious problem with RRA's under TrueUnix. I have my RRA 
setup with a base internal of 5 minutes for 48 hours. After 2 days of data 
collect my RRA show spikes and garbage in the middle of the base interval. My 
graphcs show zero with a huge spike around the time of the start of the 
garbage interval.

At first I thought it might be somthing wierd on my systems, but the bad data 
sections is consistence wth RRA that I have created. From the list I have 
notice some dialog about spikes in conjunction with router resets and SNMP 
status. To eliminate this possiblilty I tracked a file system that has 
absoluately been status for almost two days. I have logged all of the RRDTOOL 
program update calls and they have been consistent.

I have attached a listing of a "rrdtool fetch xxx.rrd -s 'now - 48 hours" 
command output with a bulk of the repeatition removed.

I'm really anxious to start using RRD TOOL on TrueUnix. I have a log of 
scripts on the my management system that can really use RRD TOOL. I'm more 
then willing to help in any whay that I can.

Stephen L Johnson                         stephen.johnson at mail.state.ar.us
Unix Systems Administrator                sjohnson at monsters.org
Department of Information Systems
State of Arkansas

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