[rrd-users] Problems with repeated seeks and writes

jfesler at gigo.com jfesler at gigo.com
Thu Jul 8 03:16:28 MEST 1999

This is strange.

I've been running an older snapshot on a sparc desktop under solaris 7 for
a while with no real problems (other than being severely IO bound with the
hardware I have).

I'm finally working on upgrading to a recent RRD, as well as moving things
to an e250, just to see how things weigh out for what I'm doing.  I've
moved the existing scripts, etc.

Cut to the chase..

Now, when updating a database, I get a behavior of "seek, write 88 bytes,
seek, write 88 bytes" forever.  RRD never comes back.  

write(8, "7FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF7FFFFFFF".., 88)      = 88
lseek(8, 6836, SEEK_SET)                        = 6836
write(8, "7FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF7FFFFFFF".., 88)      = 88M
lseek(8, 6924, SEEK_SET)                        = 6924
write(8, "7FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF7FFFFFFF".., 88)      = 88M
lseek(8, 7012, SEEK_SET)                        = 7012
write(8, "7FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF7FFFFFFF".., 88)      = 88

After it reaches teh "end" of the file, it loops and does it again.

write(8, "7FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF7FFFFFFF".., 88)      = 88
lseek(8, 133116, SEEK_SET)                      = 133116
write(8, "7FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF7FFFFFFF".., 88)      = 88
lseek(8, 133204, SEEK_SET)                      = 133204
write(8, "7FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF7FFFFFFF".., 88)      = 88
lseek(8, 133292, SEEK_SET)                      = 133292
write(8, "7FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF7FFFFFFF".., 88)      = 88
lseek(8, 6660, SEEK_SET)                        = 6660
write(8, "7FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF7FFFFFFF".., 88)      = 88
lseek(8, 6748, SEEK_SET)                        = 6748

It will do this until I kill the process..  whereas the older version
on the same box finishes 100 such requests in a small number of seconds.

Any ideas where to start poking?  

Reading specs from /usr/local/lib/gcc-lib/sparc-sun-solaris2.7/2.8.1/specs
gcc version 2.8.1
{jfesler at heaven.inktomi.com;0.17;/opt/INKTrrd/aquire}uname -a
SunOS heaven.inktomi.com 5.7 Generic sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-5_10

Things worked on  rrdtool-0.99.29, but not     rrdtool-0.99.49.

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