[rrd-users] Problems with updates on rrd 0.99.50

jfesler at gigo.com jfesler at gigo.com
Tue Jul 13 02:23:28 MEST 1999

I'm  having problems using rrd 0.99.50. 

I can create a database, but when I try and update it,
the system constantly seeks and writes, seeks and writes,
over and over, looping through the entire file.

Here is what I do, that can reproduce it without fail here 
on several sol5.5.1 and sol7 boxes.

#! /usr/local/bin/perl

#makes things work when run without install
use lib qw( ../perl-shared/blib/lib ../perl-shared/blib/arch );

#makes programm work AFTER install
use lib qw( /usr/local/rrdtool-0.99.50/lib/perl );

use RRDs;

 print "My PID is $$ - you might want to truss -p $$   (Sleeping 15 sec)\n";
 sleep 15;

 print "Creating: \n";

RRDs::create (
  "-s 60",
  "DS:EVT:GAUGE:300:U:U"   ,
  "DS:QPS:GAUGE:300:U:U"   ,
  $error = RRDs::error;
  if ($error) {
    print "Error create: $error\n";

 print "Updating:\n";

RRDs::update (

  $error = RRDs::error;
  if ($error) {
    print "Error updating: $error\n";

When I run this, here's what I see:

lseek(3, 29896, SEEK_SET)                       = 29896
write(3, "7FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF7FFFFFFF".., 88)      = 88
lseek(3, 29984, SEEK_SET)                       = 29984
write(3, "7FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF7FFFFFFF".., 88)      = 88
lseek(3, 3672, SEEK_SET)                        = 3672
write(3, "7FFFFFFFFFFFFFFF7FFFFFFF".., 88)      = 88
lseek(3, 3760, SEEK_SET)                        = 3760

I get *LOTS* of this.  Enourmous amounts.  I can send a copy of it if
desired, but that's a fairly large message if I do so.

Any ideas what I can do resolve this?  Operator error?  Bug?

I'm trying desperately to get this process off my IDE-based workstation and
on to a real server, but this is my biggest holdup in doing so :-).

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