[rrd-users] can't update 'dummy'?

Greg Redder redder at yuma.ACNS.ColoState.EDU
Tue Jul 27 18:39:00 MEST 1999

I'm running RRD 1.0.0 on AIX 4.3.2 with Cricket .69

Cricket's collector code calls:

RRDs::update($datafile, join(":", $when, @data2));

and gets the error:

Cannot update
rrdopen can't open 'dummy'

It's the "can't open 'dummy'" that is confusing me and preventing
things from working properly.   

If I print out the variables passed to RRDs::update, I get:

$datafile =

@data2=1 1 28 36 3941364 10448088

These values all seem correct. Actually, I'm not quite sure what
the $when is doing, but ....

So, why is rrdupdate complaining about "dummy"?  Any ideas, please?

Thank you --Greg Redder
            Network Analyst
            Colorado State University
Greg Redder                         Academic Computing & Networking Services 
Colorado State University, ACNS     Phone:(970)491-7222  FAX:  (970)491-1958
601 S. Howes, Room 625              E-mail: redder at yuma.colostate.edu  
Fort Collins, CO 80523              PGP Fprint:68CEE78C86AC452881B27249785FEE91 

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