[rrd-users] Re: Using Multiple RRDs for graphing

jfesler at gigo.com jfesler at gigo.com
Tue Jul 27 20:11:58 MEST 1999

> Perhaps you want to consider using AREA once, and change all next 99
> into STACK. If the total gets too high, this is easily spotted. Together
> with some well choosen color settings it is also very easy to spot the
> big consumers.

It might be interesting to do that, but that eliminates a lot of color
space that I'd have for the remainder of the lines.  I'm assuming you're
suggesting using an AREA to increase visibility - trust me, with this
data, even a single line is pretty durned visible :-).  As it is, I have
it dynamically use a HSV color space transition to evenly pick out colors
based on the number of elements being drawn (with that many lines, it
became neccesary to have any chance at all of matching a line to the

> Any chance of getting a peek at the graphs ?

Alas :-(  the data itself is pretty sensitive stuff to the company I work
for.  Given how much I'm using RRD, it's a bit of a shame.  

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