[rrd-users] reset counter produces ugly results

dave-mlist at bfnet.com dave-mlist at bfnet.com
Fri Jul 30 22:45:26 MEST 1999

I'm resending this because the first time it was bounced from the list
(wrong sender address).  My appologies if you're seeing it again...

I have a server application that receives data from multiple clients.
It keeps a counter of each client's traffic, and reports that to an
RRD database.  Kudos to Tobias, dude, your software is da bomb
(translation: I like it very much).

I have one problem.  When the server application is restarted, the
counters are all zeroed.  This causes the RRD to assume that the
counter has rolled over at some specific word size and compute the
average throughput based on that assumption.  Since the server never
gets anywhere close to filling the word size of an unsigned long int,
that means the RRD's assumptions are way, way off.  This shows up on
the graph as a huge ugly spike which is wrong and makes it look like
my server's rate control is faulty.

When I create the .rrd file, I use 


for each client because the server is connected to a 10bT ethernet,
and 1250000 Bytes per second is the maximum theoretical throughput.
This limits the spikes to 10Mbps, but since the actual data is far
closer to 1Mbps, the graphs still look horrible.  MRTG never had this

Is there a work around?

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