[rrd-users] Spikes?

Mark Thomas mark at skycache.com
Tue Nov 2 12:57:51 MET 1999


I am sorry if this question has been brought up before or if there is a
very simple answer to the question, but I cannot seem to find the answer
in the documentation.

I am monitoring 200 plus hosts using rrdtool, and if for some reason there
is a small spike in the network load, or whatever, the graph will spike on
the 24 hour overview, making that one select point in time the only
viewable traffic, while the rest of the traffic gets pushed to the bottom,
when on other graph's that did not have this spike have fill up the graph.
So Im left with some graph's that look empty besides the one spike.

The question is, is there a way to limit the height that the rrd graph
goes up, even If somthing spikes up for a short second really high.


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