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steve rader rader at teak.wiscnet.net
Wed Nov 10 03:28:32 MET 1999

 > From: Alex van den Bogaerdt
 > My load averages show peaks each hour.  I'm interested to see them so
 > I made a graph that shows maxima over the week.  So far so good however
 > it is not clear to me how I should name the average maximum etcetera.
 > Consider a "daily" graph that shows peaks on the whole hour.  I then
 > take the highest value from each hour and display that in the "weekly"
 > graph.  Clearly I can not talk about averages here (that would be wrong
 > as they are maxima) but "avg maximum", "max maximum" and "min maximum"
 > looks wrong to me.
 > Any opinions/suggestions?

When I ended with the same ugly labels (eg max maximum?! gag!)
I eventually decided I was trying to do too much in one graph.

My solution is to graph the data as three separate web pages.

For example, I have (hrumph, MRTG) graphs with the following

 Proxy1.UW-Mad Best Response Times 
 Proxy1.UW-Mad Average Response Times 
 Proxy1.UW-Mad Worst Response Times 

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systems guy

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