[rrd-users] Help w/SNMP Monitoring

Jerry Alexandratos darkstar at UDel.Edu
Sat Nov 13 23:23:42 MET 1999

I'm trying to get some SNMP stats off a bunch of boxes.  Stuff like
load, cpu, mem, etc...  I'm wondering if anyone out there has attempted
something like this and if they can give me some pointers.  I've done
some preliminary work, but I'm not sure if it's correct.  Here's an
example of what I've done...

rrdtool create load.rrd \  
    DS:load1:COUNTER:600:U:U \ 
    DS:load2:COUNTER:600:U:U \ 
    DS:load3:COUNTER:600:U:U \
    RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:1:600 \
    RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:6:600 \ 
    RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:24:600 \ 
    RRA:AVERAGE:0.5:288:732 \
    RRA:MAX:0.5:1:600 \
    RRA:MAX:0.5:6:600 \ 
    RRA:MAX:0.5:24:600 \ 

rrdtool graph cpu1.png --start -43200 \
	DEF:load1=load.rrd:load1:AVERAGE \
	DEF:load2=load.rrd:load2:AVERAGE \
	DEF:load3=load.rrd:load3:AVERAGE \
	"CDEF:realload1=load1,100,/" \
	"CDEF:realload2=load2,100,/" \
	"CDEF:realload3=load3,100,/" \
	LINE1:realload1#00FF00:"User Space" \
	LINE2:realload2#0000FF:"System Space" \
	LINE3:realload3#00FFFF:"System Space"

I'm not sure if this stuff is right or not.  Currently, I'm only getting
two lines on the graphs.  Also, for stuff like cpu and load, it COUNTER
what I want to assign, or should I use something like GUAGE?

Thanks in advance...


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