[rrd-users] Skript Error Cannot create graph: can't parse DEF

Olivier Daury olivier at co.arianeii.be
Mon Nov 15 15:49:45 MET 1999


I have a problem using rrd with mrtg on NT 4 sp5
When I run http://hostname/cgi-bin/14all.pl I have an html page without the pictures
When I run http://hostname/cgi-bin/14all.pl?log=cacheserverrequests&png=daily&small=1
I have an error:
Skript Error

Cannot create graph: can't parse DEF
'in=D:/www/htdocs/mrtgfiles/proxy/gvprox02//cacheserverrequests.rrd:ds0:AVERAGE' -2

What's the problem ? Could you help me ?

More informations:
- I use:
  mrtg 2.8.9 (locate in D:\mrtg-2.8.9\run\)
  rrd 1.0.7 (locate in D:\rrd-1.0.7\
  14all.cfg was rename in 14all.pl and is locate in D:\www\cgi-bin
- The name of the mrtg config file is squid-gvprox02_rrd.cfg and is locate in
- When I run mrtg the rrd files is produce (D:\mrtg-2.8.9\run>perl
d:\mrtg-2.8.9\run\mrtg d:\www\cgi-bin\squid-gvprox02_rrd.cfg)
- I had this line in 14all.pl: $cfgfile = 'squid-gvprox02_rrd.cfg';
- Here is my mrtg config file
#!D:\perl\bin\perl.exe -w

Workdir: D:/www/htdocs/mrtgfiles/proxy/gvprox02
Refresh: 300
Interval: 5
WriteExpires: Yes
IconDir: /mrtgicons
UseRRDTool: Yes

LoadMIBs: D:/mrtg/squid-mib.txt

cacheServerRequests&cacheServerRequests:community at IP:port
MaxBytes[cacheServerRequests]: 10000000
Title[cacheServerRequests]: cacheServerRequests
Options[cacheServerRequests]: gauge, growright, perminute
PageTop[cacheServerRequests]: <center><h1>cacheServerRequests @
gvprox02.th.epo.nl</h1><h3><I>All requests from the client for the cache
YLegend[cacheServerRequests]: Requests / min
LegendI[cacheServerRequests]: cacheServerRequests
Legend1[cacheServerRequests]: cacheServerRequests


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