[rrd-users] Utilization

Shaun Nicholson Shaun.Nicholson at kp.org
Tue Nov 16 21:32:53 MET 1999

Hi quick question

I was looking to do an average bandwidth utilization in the line below the graphs like MRTG so that it went like this

Input  56.6 kb/s (utilization %) ave  60.6 kb/s (utilization %) max 35.0 kb/s (utilization %) last

but the best I can get is the utilization on the line below with these statements

      DEF:inoctets=Router1.rrd:input:AVERAGE \
     CDEF:in_bits=inoctets,8,*,576000,GT,576000,inoctets,8,*,IF \
     CDEF:in_ave=100,in_bits,576000,/,* \
     DEF:outoctets=Router1.rrd:output:AVERAGE \
     CDEF:out_bits=outoctets,8,*,576000,GT,576000,outoctets,8,*,IF \
     CDEF:out_ave=100,out_bits,576000,/,* \
     AREA:in_bits#00FF00:"input" \
     GPRINT:in_bits:AVERAGE:"%.2lf %sb/s ave"
     GPRINT:in_bits:MAX:"%.2lf %sb/s max" \
     GPRINT:in_bits:LAST:"%.2lf %sb/s last\n" \
     GPRINT:in_ave:AVERAGE:"%.2lf %% ave" \
     GPRINT:in_ave:MAX:"%.2lf %% max" \
     GPRINT:in_ave:LAST:"%.2lf %% last\n" \
     LINE2:out_bits#0000FF:"output" \
     GPRINT:out_bits:AVERAGE:"%.2lf %sb/s ave" \
     GPRINT:out_bits:MAX:"%.2lf %sb/s max" \
     GPRINT:out_bits:LAST:"%.2lf %sb/s last\n"\
     GPRINT:out_ave:AVERAGE:"%.2lf %% ave" \
     GPRINT:out_ave:MAX:"%.2lf %% max" \
     GPRINT:out_ave:LAST:"%.2lf %% last\n"

This where I need help as this does not work

GPRINT:in_bits:AVERAGE:"%.2lf %sb/s ave":in_ave:AVERAGE:"%.2lf %% ave"\

How can I use the GPRINT statement to show two values?

Anyone able to help or is it not possible.
I think this will help to answer Ivans questions from earlier as well

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