[rrd-users] migrate from mrtg to rrd

Olivier Daury olivier at co.arianeii.be
Thu Nov 18 13:29:43 MET 1999


I'm trying to migrate from mrtg 2.8.9 to rrd-1.0.7 (NT 4 sp5)
I had the option 'UseRRDTool: Yes' in mrtg.cfg
I run mrtg. The rrd file is create and update.
When I graph them with 14all.cgi, the graph are empties and it's not normal.
I use mrtg (without  UseRRDTool) in parallel and there is some traffic on each
My question is: Is there a way to edit rrd files, to see the values added by
mrtg. I want to compare it with the mrtg log files.


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