[rrd-users] modification in 14all.pl

Olivier Daury olivier at co.arianeii.be
Mon Nov 22 15:44:22 MET 1999


I modified some things into 14all.pl:
* bugs corrects:
- problem on NT machine when there is a ':' in the path of the config file
- problem when $CGI::dir isn't defined (buffer overflow when you have a lot of

* modifications:
- add width and the height of each image in html pages 
  (<img src=... width= height=...>, speed display in the browser)
- images are now "clickable" in the html index page

* new options:
- add option col: display 2 columns on the html index page (like mrtg indexmaker)
- add option noimg: display only interface name (with link) on the html index page
  (usefull when you have a lot of interfaces)

And I'm working on:
- add option yesterday: show the daily graph for yesterday (purpose: compare 
  traffic between today and yesterday)
- insert meta http-equiv (refresh, pragma and expires) into the html page
- generate .meta files (apache server), mrtg option WriteExpires: Yes

If you have any idea or if you want a copy of this new version of 14ll.pl just
drop me a line.



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