[rrd-users] Problem with RRDs::graph

Rodolphe QUIEDEVILLE rodolphe at ecila.fr
Fri Nov 26 14:20:38 MET 1999

Hi I use rrdTool 1.0.8 on a linux redhat 6.1

when I graph direct from the shell with the command bellow all is ok.

rrdtool graph luke.gif --start 943606500 --end 943608000
DEF:mydisk=luke.rrd:disk:AVERAGE LINE2:mydisk#FF0000

But when I use RRDs perl module like this, no image is created and no
error is return to RRDs::error. I update my data with RRDs with no

my(@args) =  ("luke2.gif", '--start',"$nown",'--end',"$now", 
"DEF:mydisk=luke.rrd:disk:AVERAGE LINE2:mydisk#FF000");	

($averages,$xsize,$ysize) = RRDs::graph(@args);

$xsize and $ysize return value 0

I use PERL 5.005_03

Thanks in advance.

	ECILA : http://www.ecila.fr/
	rodolphe at ecila.fr

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