[rrd-users] howto "from mrtg to rrdtool" needed - does it exist?

Dirk Nerling Dirk.Nerling at pdv.de
Fri Oct 1 14:43:50 MEST 1999


I finaly installed rrdtool on DUX (many thanks to Dan Riley
[dsr at mail.lns.cornell.edu]) and started with the doc. Quite heavy - does
exist a howto migration guide from mrtg? I monitor some routers and I have
to count the internet traffic of our isp router speratly for every month.

Or could I bother you with my stupid questions?
1. who could I calculate the time like the "perl time", I think I will end
the endtime of every month but so I have to enter them in the cfg file (btw.
is it the unix time since 1970?)
2. does exost a tool like the cfgmaker from mrtg?
3. I tried the examples but there is no snmpget on my DUX box although mrtg
works fine

best regards and thanks in advance
Dirk Nerling
Milky Way - Sol System - Earth - Europe - Germany - Thuringia - Erfurt

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