[rrd-users] Choosing which RRA to graph

Bryan Mawhinney bryanm at is.co.za
Fri Oct 1 15:15:39 MEST 1999

> Hi all
> I'm new to rrdtool, though I've been using mrtg for quite some time.  I'm
> now struggling to do something which was easy in mrtg: graph averages and
> maxima on the same graph (or even on different graphs).
> My RRD contains RRAs for averages and maxima (over identical time
> periods), but I'm unsure how rrdtool graph picks which one to draw.  At
> first I thought the CF parameter to rrdtool graph determined which RRA to
> use, but on closer reading of the man page:
> "The DEF call automatically chooses an RRA which provides data in a
> resolution appropriate... If the resolution of the RRA is higher ... the
> data ... will be consolidated according to the consolidation function
> chosen"
> In other words, rrdtool graph first picks an RRA based on the time scale,
> and then consolidates the data if necessary.  So it seems there's no way
> to control which RRA is chosen when several RRAs have the same resolution,
> or to graph additional RRAs.
> I think maybe I'm missing something conceptual, can someone please
> explain?
> Thanks
> Bryan

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