[rrd-users] Re: Frontend Advice

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Sat Oct 2 12:36:25 MEST 1999

> I've been studying RRDTool for the last week or so while slowly digging
> through the tutorial, and at last some lightbulbs are turning on
> (gasp!).
If you have the feeling that there are also some dark bulbs, please
indicate what I could do to improve on the tutorial. Your input would
be appreciated!

> But before I seriously start implementing it, I was interested in
> hearing how others are using RRDTool. Are you using one of the frontends
> mentioned on the RRD page (Orca, Cricket)? Or using it directly by
> writing scripts and using cron or similar to feed data into the tool? If
> using a frontend, how did you find it?
No front-end yet. Started using 14all for a moment but I'm a bit short
of time right now so I'm not looking into it much.
Doing a lot using my own scripts which act like a rudimentory front-end.

One great approach: snmpwalk the ifInOctets and ifOutOctets on a switch 
and feed it to my rrd. Saves a lot of time and computer power. Even if
I don't use the available data for some ports, this is the best approach

> At this point I'm leaning towards my own scripts, mainly for direct
> control, but I can see how this will become unwieldy once I start
> looking at 100s of devices.
Your tools could use variables for the device names. It doesn't matter
if you use one or a thousand devices if they are all the same.

> I guess I'm just looking for some 'reviews' of what's available before
> choosing a strategy. Any feedback greatly appreciated.
Perhaps it is best to play a little with rrdtool and its functionality.
Look at the available front-ends and wait for some more. Once you know
what rrdtool can do, you can evaluate the front-ends and decide which
of them matches your needs the best.


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