[rrd-users] Re: Text formatting.

Chris Josephes cjoseph at mr.net
Thu Oct 7 18:47:04 MEST 1999

On Thu, 7 Oct 1999, Alex van den Bogaerdt wrote:

> If this does not help, perhaps you should send the relevant part of
> your script so we can have a look at the details.

I did a couple of modifications suggested by Steve, but it still appears
that I have a problem with the columns lining up.

Okay, here's the latest information that I have:

The test graph I've drawn is at

A dump of the arguements passed to RRDs::graph can be found at

Here's the portion of my script setting up the arguements.

        "in"  => "#00cc00",
        "out" => "#0000ff",

        "in"  => "Incoming ",
        "out" => "Outgoing ",

# Set the datasource arguements
push(@args,"GPRINT:in:MAX:Max \\: %.3lf %s");
push(@args,"GPRINT:in:AVERAGE:Average \\: %.3lf %s");
push(@args,"GPRINT:in:LAST:Current \\: %.3lf %s\\n");
push(@args,"GPRINT:out:MAX:Max \\: %.3lf %s");
push(@args,"GPRINT:out:AVERAGE:Average \\: %.3lf %s");
push(@args,"GPRINT:out:LAST:Current \\: %.3lf %s");
push(@args,"COMMENT: Last updated $time");
RRDs::graph @args;

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