[rrd-users] Re: Wish lists

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Thu Oct 7 20:05:30 MEST 1999

steve rader wrote:
>  > From: Bryce as root
>  > I havn't managed to get it to work in the way I want, however,
>  > wouldn't it be nice if you could get rrdgraph to autoscale the graphs
>  > and then if the values went beyond a threshold, to cut them off,
> Here's an example of what Alex was referring to:
>  <RRD::GRAPH [...]
>    DEF:input=some.rrd:input:AVERAGE
>    CDEF:in_bits=input,8,*,1536000,GT,1536000,input,8,*,IF
>    DEF:output=some.rrd:output:AVERAGE
>    CDEF:out_bits=output,8,*,1536000,GT,1536000,output,8,*,IF 
>  > 
> (1536000 is the max bits for a T1.)

(Note: I think this is already on the wishlist. See "TODO" in the dist)

Correct, this will work. However, as an addition, if you want to print
the *real* values you should use another CDEF when printing.
If not, your printed values will also be clipped and any calculations
could go wrong.

Example for 10mbit ethernet and 1kbit clip value:
(from memory so perhaps a little typo somewhere)

   GPRINT:inb1:MAX:"Max. %6.2lf %Sbps"
   GPRINT:inb1:MIN:"Min. %6.2lf %Sbps"


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