[rrd-users] Re: Text formatting.

Alex van den Bogaerdt alex at slot.hollandcasino.nl
Thu Oct 7 23:26:58 MEST 1999

Line 1 starts here

> push(@args,"AREA:in".$Color{"in"}.":".$Legend{"in"});
> push(@args,"GPRINT:in:MAX:Max \\: %.3lf %s");
> push(@args,"GPRINT:in:AVERAGE:Average \\: %.3lf %s");
> push(@args,"GPRINT:in:LAST:Current \\: %.3lf %s\\n");

and ends here.

Line 2 starts here

> push(@args,"LINE1:out".$Color{"out"}.":".$Legend{"out"});
> push(@args,"GPRINT:out:MAX:Max \\: %.3lf %s");
> push(@args,"GPRINT:out:AVERAGE:Average \\: %.3lf %s");
> push(@args,"GPRINT:out:LAST:Current \\: %.3lf %s");
> push(@args,"COMMENT: Last updated $time");

and ends here. This line is too long to fit inside the graph
so it is wrapped. You may want to use "\n" inside the last GPRINT
too. If not: when the width of your image is altered you may get
the same problem again.

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