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Frantsen Christian cf at internoc.se
Mon Oct 11 17:29:36 MEST 1999


I have made a html-form were you can choose what you want graphed.
This calls a cgi-script that checks some variables and other stuff and then
this cgi-script calls another cgi-script (rrdcgi) which then should print
the graph depending on the choosen values in the form.

I use this for testing purposes:

<RRD::GRAPH <RRD::CV rrd>.gif --lazy
  DEF:ram=<RRD::CV rrd>.rrd:ram:AVERAGE
          LINE2:ram#00a000:"Free RAM">


Everything works fine except that the HTML output uses ./image.gif as img
why is this? Am i doing something wrong, is there an option that specifies
to put as img src?

This is no good since I got my cgi-script in the /cgi-bin/ directory and ./
= /cgi-bin
and that's not where the image resides.

Christian Frantsen
Technical Operations

Internoc Scandinavia AB
Tel: +46-36-194843
Fax: +46-36-194651

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