[rrd-users] Re: RRD DS;heartbeat and MRTG

Chris Josephes cjoseph at mr.net
Mon Oct 11 22:37:21 MEST 1999

On Mon, 11 Oct 1999, Tobias Oetiker wrote:

> *> But if I decided on a 10 minute or 15 minute interval, would it improve
> *> performance to reduce the number of samples accordingly?
> performance is manly defined by data aquisition and not by the logging ... 

Okay, thanks.

Then to fix the problem with the heartbeat and step value in MRTG for
non-5 minute intervals, would the following code revision be sufficient:

    if (! -e $rrd) {
          # create the rrd if it doesn't exist
          my $now = time;
          my $intrvl = $$cfg{'interval'};
          my $hrtbt = $intrvl+300;
          $now = ($now / $intrvl) * intrvl;
          RRDs::create($rrd, '-b', $now, '-s', $intrvl,
          my $e = $RRDs::error;
          die "Cannot create logfile: $e\n" if $e;

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