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Frantsen Christian cf at internoc.se
Tue Oct 12 08:15:00 MEST 1999

aha.. ok .. thanks! =)

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Frantsen Christian wrote:
> Everything works fine except that the HTML output uses ./image.gif as img
> src,
> why is this? Am i doing something wrong, is there an option that specifies
> what
> to put as img src?

According to TFM:

          If you do not specify your own --imginfo format, the following
          will be used:

          <IMG SRC="%s" WIDTH="%lu" HEIGHT="%lu">

          Note that %s stands for the filename part of the graph
          generated, all directories given in the GIF file argument will
          get dropped.

I guess you missed this when R'ing TFM.

You could try: --imginfo '<IMG SRC="/path/to/images/%s" ...etc>'
and see if that helps.
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