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David Ashamalla (SRN) DavidA at KPCORP.com
Wed Oct 13 00:42:43 MEST 1999

Oops, I meant my fetch.
When I execute a dump, I see a whole bunch of NaN for 3 days before I
started my graph (I think I must have used the wrong start date).  Anyway,
from 5:35 last night on, I get data.  Comparing the data to my MRTG graphs
indicates that the data is approximately correct.
I have have also been monkeying around with colors, areas, and the graph
intervals.  Changing the graph interval to now-24hours and now, still gives
me no data points.
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Thanks for answering so quick! 

Doesn't my dump indicate that my data is not UNKNOWN? 


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Today you sent me mail regarding [rrd-users] Re: No Data: 

*> Sorry, but I forgot to mention: 
*>     Platform is Redhat Linux version 5.2, kernel 2.0.36.  RRDTool version
*> 1.0.7. 

it could be that your data is UNKNOWN ... try dumping the rrd and look at 
what is in there ... (maybe the heartbeat is too short ...) 

*> David 
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*> Hi All, 
*> My rrdtool graph command does not seem to be giving me any data points, 
*> though I can see that the range is correct.  I can also graph a
*> line, and a vertical line. 
*> For those that don't read tcl, the $ act much as they do in bash
scripts.  I 
*> know my rrdpath and dbpath variables are correct.  
*> Below is also the results of a fetch, with now-1hour and now being my
*> and end time values.  I have been over and over the docs, and I can't
*> to find anything wrong. 
*> TIA, 
*> <<fetch.txt>> <<graph.tcl>> 

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