[rrd-users] probelms with timestamp

Patrick Ammann Patrick.Ammann at nextra.ch
Thu Apr 13 15:37:56 MEST 2000


i just have a little probelm. I'm just generationg some graphs and all 
works fine, except the time-value. I want to put a text like "last updated 
on " in my png files. I managed to get used bandwith etc. values in the 
graph but not the timestamp from the last entrie in the RRD file. I already 
tried it on different ways but the result was always the same - it doesn't 

could someone give me some help ?

here is a part of the script i wrote:

push (@aDEF, '--vertical-label', 'Traffic in bit/s',
                            '--title', $sTitel,
                                 'LINE1:inbpsm#008800:"Max In"',
                                 'LINE1:outbpsm#5555aa:"Max Out"\\l',
                                 'GPRINT:inbps:LAST:Current Inbound 
Bits/sec\\: %.3lf%s\\r',
                                 'GPRINT:outbps:LAST:Current Outbound 
Bits/sec\\: %.3lf%s\\r',
                        'GPRINT:val4:Current Timestamp\: %.3lf%s\\r',
                   # 'COMMENT:Last data entered at ' print -e 'scalar 
localtime($back) '',
Inbound\Outbound Kbits/sec\\: %.3lf\\g',
                                 #'GPRINT:inbps:AVERAGE:Average Inbound 
Kbits/sec\\: %.3lf%s \\r',
                                 #'GPRINT:outbps:AVERAGE:Average Outbound 
Kbits/sec\\: %.3lf%s \\r',
                                 #'GPRINT:inbps:MAX:Max Inbound 
Kbits/sec\\: %.3lf%s \\r',
                                 #'GPRINT:outbps:MAX:Max Outbound 
Kbits/sec\\: %.3lf%s \\r',

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