[rrd-users] Cisco Interface Statistics

Jason Jordan guru at swami.pcguru.com.au
Thu Apr 13 15:54:41 MEST 2000

Howdy Folks,

I know this isn't on topic, but it is related to network monitoring and
seeing as though thats what we do...

I have a need to calculate total volume through a particular interface
on a Cisco router on a rolling day, week, month, year basis.

I need to be accurate, so averaging is out.

We get billed per kb and we'd like to verify the charge.

I'd prefer to do it in Perl, but I'm no programmer.  I've looked at
adapting some of the contrib code in the MRTG package and I've seen
tools like chan-stat for Windows...

I guess what I'm really hoping for is that someone in here has already
done all the hardwork and has written a little perl script that does
what I've described.... 8-)

Cheers, Jas

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