[rrd-users] Application of rrd

David Arnstein david.arnstein at streetsonline.co.uk
Wed Apr 26 09:57:36 MEST 2000


As someone newly introduced to rrd-tool, I am vey impressed with the
tool and can see that it can be of use in many areas particularly where
data is collected regularly or nearly so.

However I have been searching for a way of graphing rather more sporadic
data and although I have looked through the documentation and tutorial I
have not yet found out if rrd-tool can be applied reasonably for my
purpose or not. I would love to be able to use rrd-tool - can anyone
advise please?

Here are my requirements (they may well be useful for other more
technical uses too):

I am collecting business data which I would like to graph and archive in
a rrd-tool manner.
However the data changes only during the business day - values remain
static overnight and at weekends etc.

I suppose I could automatically make up data points during that time
(repeating the last real value), but I would like the graphing to avoid
displaying the 'non -active' periods and for the statistics to ignore

Is there anyway of achieving the above with the current rrd-tool

I should think there others may be interested in such facilities since
there must be other situations where services, equipment or instruments
have regular 'down time' or are being using in some cyclic manner.

Many thanks for any advise you can offer,


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