[rrd-users] Re: disabling interpolation?

Philip Molter philip at datafoundry.net
Tue Aug 22 20:00:01 MEST 2000

On Tue, Aug 22, 2000 at 06:46:29PM +0200, Alex van den Bogaerdt wrote:
: Right.  As I said: don't mess with the averages.  However, it is safe
: to say the minimum amount of people in that room is 4, not 4.76 and
: the maximum amount of people in that room was 5, not 4.76 .
: It makes no sense to say that during this interval there were 4.76
: people in the room *unless* you are talking about averages.

Wrong.  You can't say that at all.  You could very easily say that
the minimum amount of people in the room as 0 and the maxium amount
was 12, and I could still give you a scenario where the average as

: This is why I think it is good to have a data source type which is
: valid during the whole interval, independent of the time in this
: interval that the data was entered.  See my other mail about this; it
: makes it clear that the proposed "REAL" DST cannot be combined with
: averages.

I completely agree with this.  A data set type that would allow
for stepped graphs would be a bonus for those organizations measuring
quantifiable values (e.g. news organizations counting the number
of concurrent connections in order to charge customers).  But you're
looking at rethinking how generic you want your program to be.

I know I personally have found myself more times than not wishing
that RRD had this functionality.  I can emulate it fairly easily
using another database program and image generator, of course.

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