[rrd-users] What can this be ?

Daniel.Kurucz at varetis.de Daniel.Kurucz at varetis.de
Fri Dec 1 14:29:08 MET 2000

Hi all,

I use RRD to monitor some servers here in the company. I'm a bit confused,
because the CPU load data gets correctly in the RRD Database, but either it
is transformed while updating the database, or while creating the graph.
Here, how it worx :

Getting load data with the uptime command, which sends me following result
02:11PM   up 129 days,   4:19,  31 users,  load average: 11.96, 8.97, 7.90

Now, i convert it to "rrd-readable" format this way :
uptime | awk -F "load average:" '{print $2}' | awk -F "," '{print "N:"
substr($1, 2) ":" substr($2, 2) ":" substr($3, 2)}'

This will result :
This means the load of the last 5, 10 and 15 minutes

Now let's update the database, and create the graphs, where i use GPRINT-s
with the LAST argument too.
In my graph i become following data :
5-min load avg : 12.01  10-min load avg : 8.90   15-min load avg : 7.93
But it has to be :
5-min load avg : 11.96  10-min load avg : 8.97   15-min load avg : 7.90

Sometimes it worx fine, but 50% of the data in the graph is malformed, like
thus above.

The problem is not that big, but the question is : WHY ?

Thanx in advance :
Daniel Kurucz
varetis Communications GmbH
Tel : +49-89-45566-487
Fax : +49-89-45566-158

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