[rrd-users] Sample resolution when graphing, unable to get better than 2hrs RRA problem?

Bjorn Djupvik Bjorn.Djupvik at globalone.net
Fri Dec 1 18:12:12 MET 2000

Hi! I am using Cricket in conjunction with a homemade cgi to generate different types of graphs from my data. The data isC
collected from a router every 5 minutes. The problem is that when I use "rrdtool graph" to generate graphs from the
cricket-made .rrd I only get one sample every 2 hours in the graph and this looks very ugly, I would like to get 5 or 10
minute samples. 
The command line I use to
generate the graph looks something like this:

rrdtool graph outputfile.gif --vertical-label 'bits/second' --title 'Traffic analysis' 'DEF:A=test.rrd:ds0:AVERAGE'
'DEF:B=test.rrd:ds1:AVERAGE' 'CDEF:C=A,32,*' 'CDEF:D=B,32,*' 'CDEF:E=C,3500000,GT,C,UNKN,IF'
'CDEF:F=D,3500000,GT,D,UNKN,IF' 'CDEF:G=D,12000000,0,IF' 'LINE2:C#4169E1:Incoming traffic' 'GPRINT:C:MIN:(minimum=%.0lf'
'GPRINT:C:AVERAGE:average=%.0lf' 'GPRINT:C:MAX:maximum=%.0lf)' 'COMMENT:\\n' 'LINE2:D#8FBC8F:Ou
tgoing traffic' 'GPRINT:D:MIN:(minimum=%.0lf' 'GPRINT:D:AVERAGE:average=%.0lf' 'GPRINT:D:MAX:maximum=%.0lf)' 'COMMENT:\\n'
FF0000:Excess traffic threshold' -w 800 -h 400 -l 5000000 >/dev/null";

Never mind about the extra CDEF's and options I use, this is a higly customized solution :) Is there something wrong with
my DEF's or
I can't seem to figure this out...



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